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Onshape & OnScale

Simulation 500

Onshape, the world’s best cloud CAD solution, and OnScale, the world’s best cloud engineering simulation platform, are now seamlessly integrated, enabling designers and engineers to move effortlessly from 3D CAD designs to rich multiphysics simulations, all from a web browser.

To celebrate this integration, OnScale is providing Free Core Hours to all Onshape Pro (and above) users. Try out the Future of Engineering and learn how Onshape and OnScale work together to bring products to market faster while minimizing R&D cost and risk. Contact us to get free core hours.

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Connect your Onshape Professional or Enterprise
Account to OnScale Solve

(Only Onshape Professional and Enterprise customers will receive Free Core Hours in OnScale Solve)

Onshape™ Pro

Onshapehelps businesses modernize their product design process. Connect, collaborate, & create better products in the cloud with:

  • Professional CAD program, fully hosted in web environment
  • Data Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Security and Audit Controls
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Design from any Web browser

OnScale Solve™

OnScale Solveis loaded with features powered by the cloud, built by engineers, for engineers.

  • Fast multiphysics simulation of your designs
  • Automatic CAD repair and meshing
  • Insightful results and Jupyter notebooks
  • Scalable HPC compute cloud capacity
  • Pay-as-you-simulate subscriptions
  • Simulate from any location and device

Matt Marchese, Mechanical Engineer

“I’ve been using Onshape in a business setting for over 2 years now and I can’t imagine going back to any other CAD/CAE platform. I’m very excited about OnScale and cloud-based supercomputing. These products are truly redefining my idea of collaboration and ease of design.”

“I’ve been in the engineering industry for many years, and now as an educator, I’ve found OnScale Solve to be one of the most accessible, easy-to-use platforms for me and my students”

Chris Rogers, Professor
Tufts University

Try OnScale Solve™ for Powerful, Free Structural Simulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives Free Core Hours?

Onshape Professional and Onshape Enterprise users! For information on OnScale Solve’s pricing, check here!

Will I still get all Core Hour bonuses of a free OnScale Solve user?

Yes! And to upgrade your account, check out OnScale’s pricing page for quotes to bring professional simulation to you and your team!

Are all OnScale Solve features available with this offer?

This is “feature unlimited”, meaning there are no limitations on what you can do! You can make full use of OnScale Solve’s simulation functionalities, including Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical, and Thermal / Thermal-Mechanical applications!

If I’m an existing OnScale Solve user and I have already connected my Onshape Professional / Enterprise account, will I receive Free Core Hours?


What simulation applications is OnScale Solve best at handling today? 

OnScale Solve is a multi physics solver capable of Mechanical, Structural, Thermal, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Capabilites. Keep up with our roadmap, here! 

We’re rapidly improving current functionalities and adding new features to conquer all new use-cases! Check out what we’re capable of here!

What is a Core Hour?

You can learn all about this and more in the Basics about Core Hours section of the OnScale Solve Simulation Fundamentals course in the Onshape Learning Center!

What if I run out of Core Hours?

We have an overage (Pay-As-You-Simulate) plan. OnScale Solve’s pricing can be found here.

Where can I learn how to use OnScale Solve?

There are 3 ways to learn OnScale Solve:

  • Try a tutorial from our world-class engineers! We have 10-minute Simulation Tutorials to enable you to get the most out of your simulations.
  • You can also go to the Onshape Learning Center for our course on OnScale Solve and FEA in general! Complete the course here.
  • Try the guided video tour of our software. From your first login through your first full simulation, we’ll guide you through the whole process!

If I have questions regarding OnScale Solve or experience issues signing up, who do I contact?

OnScale has a team of Application Engineers ready to problem-solve with you on your simulation applications, or answer any questions or issues regarding this offer! You can contact them on our contact page (https://onscale.com/contact-us/) or email us at support@onscale.com.