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Infrastructure Safety (NDE/NDT)

Develop advanced inspections techniques, prototype novel algorithms and gain a better understanding of complex phenomena in non-destructive testing  (NDT/NDE) across a range of industries.

Ultrasonic Inspections

Wedge Pressure Slice
OnScale is used in a variety of NDE applications, from modeling transducers to wave-propagation and defect interaction through test-pieces. Multi-element arrays can be simulated to generate full inspection methods, e.g. FMC, or any other arbitrary arrangements. The rapid simulation times of OnScale have assisted industry in eliminating the need for fabricating expensive, bespoke test pieces for pioneering new inspection techniques.



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Heterogeneous Material

Heterogeneous Material

Simulating wave propagation through heterogeneous materials presents a number of unique challenges. Wavefronts are continuously scattered, refracted and mode converted as they move through the component, resulting in highly complex behaviour which is difficult to recreate in analytical models. OnScale combines the capability to consider all of these effects with a selection of anisotropic material models to allow even the most complex component to be captured. These capabilities continue to open up new applications from the simulation of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites (CFRP) and dissimilar metal welds.