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Next-Generation Medical Devices

Rapidly accelerate the development of next-generation diagnostic probes, improve treatment planning techniques, and pioneer innovative transduction devices.

Diagnostics & Imaging

Ultrasonic Imaging is a key technology in many aspects of the healthcare industry. Real-time, moving images are now commonplace, providing clinicians with invaluable knowledge of internal anatomy. OnScale has played a significant role in this progress having found widespread use globally with companies such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi and many more. The power of OnScale allows engineers to accelerate design cycles via the accuracy and speed of its prediction, while reducing dependency on an expensive fabrication of test devices.

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HIFU and Therapeutics


In therapeutic applications, tissue ablation via HIFU promises a non-invasive surgical technique to help in the fight against cancer. OnScale has supported developments in HIFU for 20 years by providing tools to simulate HIFU performance in realistic anatomical geometries. Acoustic and thermal solvers allow designers and clinicians to analyse thermal deposition from acoustic pressure maps, providing better control over focal regions, exact tumour targeting and necessary exposure times to boost patient safety margins.