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Semiconductor and MEMS

Easily analyze large Microelectromechanical Systems, drastically reduce the requirements for physical fabrications and drive down development costs.

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

MEMS Filter Simulation
OnScale provides users with a unique set of capabilities for simulating a range of MEMS Devices such as PMUTs and CMUTs and RF resonators such as SAWs, FBARs, and SMRs.

Traditionally too computationally intense for general FEA, OnScale breaks this barrier and facilitates high-level, coupled design work that was previously impossible. Easily extract key industry metrics such as Electrical Impedance, Phase Shifts, S-Parameters, Bandwidth, Resonance Modes, and much more.

With fast and efficient up-front simulation, design engineers can slash prototype fabrication costs, expedite time to market, and reduce design risk.

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Ultrasonic Transducers (MUTs)

MUTs Simulation
OnScale delivers unrivalled performance in the simulation of Ultrasonic MEMS Transducers, including PMUTs and CMUTs.

Not only can OnScale allow the optimization of these devices in full-3D, which other FEA programs struggle with, but with the power of OnScale’s multiphysics solvers and cloud integration, engineers can design and simulate entire sensor arrays in their true operating environments.

Get closer to your end-product than ever before and prototype with complete confidence that your sensor will meet specification.