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Investigate ultrasonic measurement systems and analyze for optimal performance.

Flow Measurement

Flow Sensors Render
Ultrasonic flow measurement is a growing industry which offers non-intrusive, high accuracy measurements across a range of applications. OnScale can simulate ultrasonic meter performance under the influence of complex flow fields and is used in diverse applications from anemometers to custody meters.

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Sensor Design

Composite Mode
OnScale is used in a wide variety of industrial sensing applications from process monitoring to thickness gauges. Its ability to rapidly simulate acoustically large structures and include electromagnetic coupling make it well-suited for analyzing sensors which are closely coupled to their surrounding environment. By simulating the sensor and the structure in a single model, OnScale provides designers a unique insight into how their system behaves.

Piezocomposite Phased Arrays

Piezocomposites are continuing to open new possibilities for designers, outperforming traditional piezoceramics across the board. In order to unlock the true potential of piezocomposite technology, designers require a simulation tool that allows them to explore a wide range of design options. OnScale can deliver these results accurately, allowing a new level of imaging performance to be realized.

PZT Devices & Stacks

OnScale has been used by the sonar industry for over 20 years to assess and improve device design. From stacked tonpilz devices to flextensional configurations, OnScale can rapidly provide a clear picture of a device’s key performance metrics. With the power to consider entire arrays of devices, OnScale is ready to help designers deliver a new generation of high-performance sonar systems.