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CMUT displacement in collapse-mode Model Description Axisymmetric model of a simple Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) operating into a water load. Basic Model Schematic   Parametric Variables The model allows the following design variables to be adjusted to control design metrics such as the fundamental frequency of the CMUT: Parametric Variable Description Default Value  ThkGap … Read More


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3D FBAR Surface Deformation at Resonance Model Description Film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) can often exhibit spurious modes across the pass band which is one of design challenges an RF engineer faces. OnScale gives engineers the ability to quickly prototype a design to understand how effective it is removing these modes. The 3D FBAR model … Read More

Optimizing RF Filters with OnScale

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Rapid growth in the 5G mobile communication market coupled with the desire for continual size reduction of key components in consumer electronics has created an increasing demand for small, low power, high performance RF filters. This demand is primarily being met by acoustic filter technologies, where piezoelectric resonators are the building blocks of RF front-ends. … Read More


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FBAR Displacement at Fs Model Description Film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) are a widely known technology used for RF filter applications. They are typically operated at 1.5 GHz and over due to their excellent performance in terms of high quality factor and low insertion loss. The 2D FBAR model provides a simple starting structure consisting … Read More


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FBAR Simulation in Designer Interface Model Description Simulating FBARs has long been seen as a challenging subject due to their inherent electromechanical coupling and their relatively large acoustic size. OnScale allows full 3D models of these devices to be simulated in the time domain, providing a full spectrum of results from a single simulation. With … Read More

Tonpilz Transducer 3D – CAD

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Displacement of Tonpilz at Peak Compression and Tension Model Description The Tonpilz or “Acoustic Mushroom” are able to achieve a combination of low frequency and high sensitivity in a compact footprint which makes them ideal as projectors for sonar applications. The 3D CAD is a quarter symmetric model of a Tonpilz stack with water load in … Read More


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Full 3D SAW Surface Displacement Model Description This full 3D model of a single port Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter provides a complete picture of device performance. By simulating the device in full 3D a range of parasitic effects can be considered to avoid carrying undesirable performance into production. The model comprises a pair of … Read More

Time of Flight Diffraction 2D – CAD

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Maximum acoustic pressure field Model Description TOFD is a flexible technique, which relies on a range of mode converted signals to be effective. OnScale combines the capability of accurately simulating mode conversion in arbitrary geometries, with the speed to run large batches of TOFD models, making it an ideal tool for improving inspection setup. Time … Read More

Transducer 3D – CAD

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3D Transducer model (left) and maximum acoustic pressure field (right) Model Description Transducer design is one of the many applications that OnScale’s core solvers are tailored for. From simple monolithic piezoelectric transducers to complex curved 1-3 piezocomposite array, OnScale can handle it. As a demonstration, here is a 3D simulation of a simple transducer submerged … Read More

TC-SAW Design Study

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Overview Temperature compensation technology in Surface Acoustic Wave (TC-SAW) devices allows for improvement in their performance. OnScale enables designers to explore many TC-SAW device design spaces to offer a greater insight into the optimum design. In this example, we simulate a 3D unit cell model of a TC-SAW device to analyse the effect of electrode … Read More