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Cloud HPC Explained

By Team OnScale 01 August 2018

For engineers, the time to solve problems and the cost to run simulations is crucial. We have tackled these problems and developed OnScale to give on-demand access to infinite computational resources to solve large problems for the fraction of the cost of legacy CAE tools like Ansys or Comsol.

Remove the need to purchase very expensive HPC hardware

The simulation of many real-world problems can become very computationally demanding and requires large hardware to solve. The acquirement of this hardware requires a large upfront cost and time to set up. OnScale gives engineers instant access to cloud HPC resources to tackle these problems without the price tag.

Key Benefits:

  • No limitations – access large cloud resources to run multiple simulations in parallel
  • Efficient – select optimal computational resources for each simulation to meet time and cost demands
  • On demand – no need to wait to use shared local hardware

Access all the resource you need with ease
from a standard desktop or laptop


Up to 3.9TB RAM

Enough memory to solve the largest of problems


Up to 128 core CPU

Powerful hardware to get results faster

With OnScale you can instantly get started and remove any hardware barriers to allow you to fully harness the power of simulation to solve the largest of problems.

Team OnScale
Team OnScale

OnScale was founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to delivering world-class CAE on next-gen Cloud HPC.

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