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Design Review Victory: Collaborating Analysts And Designers

By Marshall Williams 10 May 2021

Whether a senior design project back in college or finalizing plans for the Falcon 9 in a CAD design review, you’ve probably had mixed experiences collaborating on a new product. As a design engineer, have you ever had a senior PHD level engineering analyst come in for an 11th-hour design change? What if you could have collaborated together every step of the way through from conception to form factor to simulation to a final product? If you’ve ever had to share the results of a simulation, you’ll be familiar with a certain feeling. Allow me to tell you the worst iteration I’ve ever heard: 2021 edition. 


Costly consulting: 

Let’s think about the Falcon 9 again. Often, SpaceX very flies in specialists to their sites for a few days, or even just one day, to come in, solve a problem requiring expertise, then return home. Once COVID started, a 2-day project suddenly became a 2-day project plus a paid 14-day quarantine on site for the specialist, and maybe one on the return as well.

Remember that nagging, discouraging feeling? As it turns out, you’re not the only one who’s experienced it. The ARC Advisory Group cited paid quarantine as one of the biggest problems over the last year. So, they needed to find a solution ASAP, because their costs just increased by about 10x. Many experiments later, it turns out that these specialists can solve problems just as well sitting in their pajamas at home. As long as engineers on the floor have pervasive wifi powering VR, digital twins, and Zoom calls, productivity is maximized. Most importantly, this keeps costs down and gives manufacturers close to zero downtime even if problems arise. 

The Moral of the Story Is This: Thanks are owed for these solutions to simulation driven design. 


Reality Check: 

Let’s look in the rear view mirror. What if I told you that simulation driven design has been even more accessible than those specialists thought, and has been improving its functionality at a rate comparable to that of big tech for years. 

One last piece of news: there’s no news of every engineer in the world being updated with state-of-the-art hardware. Obviously, there’s one question to ask: if all this is true, how did engineers get stuck on yesterday’s systems? 

Luckily, the future is here. Handle crunches before design reviews or deadlines with ease. No more specialist going coast to coast; teams across the globe can share and edit their projects in real time on any device with wi-fi, with OnScale Solve.  

At OnScale we take innovation very seriously, growth in CAE functionalities is the only way forward. You’ve pushed the boundaries of our product since day one; now it’s our turn. We have a functionality that can revolutionize the way you work, and we’re very excited to unveil it to you. It’s time for Team Collaboration. 


What’s New:

Wish you could make some design edits for an analyst, have an analyst run a simulation, organize the results, all in time for your Design Review in half an hour? Has a supplier over-quoted your manager for a new part, and you know a workaround? COVID showed us the trade-offs between working remotely, and collaboration and communication. Global pandemic made solving these kinds of problems even harder. 

Within OnScale Solve: Team Collaboration you can not only find a workaround or cheaper part through simple experimentation, test it, and implement it to your team; you can do it all in one place with collaborators, instead of tedious file sharing. 

If we’ve learned anything through problem solving in this global pandemic, it’s that adaptive people, who can do their job on any device connected to the internet, inherently will win in the coming economic boom.

Team Collaboration Demo

Version Control for Simulation Driven Design:

Remember when CDs transitioned to instant streaming and sharing? Ask a 15 year old the last time they bought a CD, and you’ll see times are changing fast. You can edit a playlist long after sharing it, knowing full well that all your friends will instantly see the new song you’ve added. Now’s not the time to disparage CDs, but embrace Spotify. 

Do you ever feel like an accountant when keeping track of your team’s progress? 

Solve is to version control what Spotify is to CDs. 

With clear tracking of versions, branches (designs), studies & results, and most importantly, collaborators and communication, Solve sets your wasted time equal to zero. More time to ace your design review.

It’s simpler. Faster. Clearer. Everyone is always on the same page. 

Design Tree Preview

Design Review Made Easy:

No matter whether you love or hate your current software, Solve and platforms like it are coming. Whether the coming months mean collaborating desk-to-desk in the office, or sitting in your kitchen dressed waist up only, solve maximizes YOUR productivity in the present. When your boss and you boss’s boss realize that your computer can do so much more when the backend is hosted off-site and you can perform your job anywhere, the switch will begin. 

Solve gives you more: MORE free time, MORE free thinking, MORE experimentation, MORE accurate expectations for designs. And right now, you have the choice to be MORE advanced than engineers before you. 

We have a team ready to walk you through using this new functionality, and would love to show you it live. We have a webinar coming up soon, but we hope you’re impatient. Contact us right now, and let’s start a conversation! Take this first small step, create an account on OnScale Solve and experience the future of engineering for yourself! 


And please, stay posted. We have more content coming your way real soon, and we’ll walk you through every feature of Team Collaboration.


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Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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