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EU MEMS & Sensor Summit 2018 Finalists | OnScale Cloud FEA

By Robert Roseberg 03 September 2018

From the 19th to the 21st of September, OnScale will be joining the industry experts at the EU MEMS & Sensors Summit in Grenoble, France as finalists at the Technology Showcase and presenting how to do “Optimization of PMUT Fingerprint Sensor Arrays Using OnScale”.


OnScale: Finalists at European MEMS & Sensors Summit 2018

MEMS and Sensors are now encompassing more and more of our daily life, be it in mobiles, cars, or industrial uses, turning the development of MEMS and Sensors into a thriving industry.
Now the MEMS and Sensor producers of Europe like Fraunhofer IPMS and Phillips, alongside international experts, are making their way to the MEMS & Sensors Summit in Grenoble France, the heart of the French Silicon Valley, from the 19th of September, to the 21st.

OnScale will be in attendance at the Summit, with our UK Director Andrew Tweedie, as a finalist at the Technology Showcase, presenting “Optimization of PMUT Fingerprint Sensor Arrays Using OnScale”.
Showcasing how OnScale can help you create an optimal design workflow that can increase your number of data points and can help you cut down R&D time and costs. 

You can find us at Booth #40 at WTC G (World Trade Center of Grenoble), 5-7 Place Robert Schuman, 38000 Grenoble during the length of the expo. 

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