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Learn FEA Simulation from Scratch with OnScale Solve

By Heather Young 05 May 2021

We’re excited to share the launch of our brand new Certification Program, launching in the Onshape Learning Centre today: OnScale Solve Simulation Fundamentals

Our Director of Engineering, Asia, and Blogger at FEA for All, Cyprien Rusu, has produced over 2 hours of content to help engineers of all levels get certified in FEA Simulation with OnScale Solve. There are 11 lessons and 2 exercises to enable you to get to grips with all things FEA simulation and learn how to make the most of your designs with OnScale Solve. 

OnScale Solve Fundamentals Course Certificate

You can try out OnScale Solve for yourself by signing up for a free account (it’s loaded with 40 free core hours per month, so you can start simulating in minutes).

Try OnScale Solve Now

The launch of our Certification Program with Onshape is the start of great things to come from OnScale. 

“We’re proud to be launching our Certification Program for OnScale Solve in collaboration with Onshape. This is just the first step in our plans to provide engineers with a full education program from OnScale Solve.”

 – Marc DiGregorio, Director of Marketing and Customer Success, OnScale

At OnScale, we want to make FEA simulation accessible to engineers of all levels. OnScale Solve is 100% browser-based, running on any device, anywhere. It allows for fast multiphysics simulation of your designs, in a simple, easy-to-use interface. 

And now it’s even simpler, with help from the OnScale Solve Simulation Fundamentals course, available now in the Onshape Learning Centre.

Simulate for Free with OnScale Solve™

Heather Young
Heather Young

Heather works in PLG Marketing at OnScale. She's a lover of all things data-driven, but always admires a creative solution. Currently focused on making top-of-funnel impact here at OnScale.

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