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OnScale revolutionizes software licensing with innovative hybrid approach

By Gerry Harvey 20 February 2020

OnScale has developed a disruptive software distribution model to support the engineering simulation applications of the future, including digital twins, AI and embedded IoT.

This revolutionary platform is based on a SaaS consumption-based model with a unique hybrid local + cloud approach that removes all of the traditional restrictions that limit an engineer’s access to powerful CAE simulation capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Fighting the traditional CAE software licensing model is a conscious choice

The traditional licensing model for CAE software is to provide the software on a one user, one license basis, while also restricting the capabilities and features based on modules purchased. Every feature comes with its own price tag, making acquiring a CAE software license a painstaking and expensive process. Even the number of local cores that can be used to compute are restricted, forcing engineers to make sub-optimal simulation decisions in order to reduce model size and complexity to fit their license structure.

legacy CAE

To create the future and strive for innovation, engineers must free themselves of the traditional restriction of software licensing and look toward a more flexible, ubiquitous model approach that can be found in other industries outside of engineering simulation. At OnScale we chose consciously to address these issues and provide our cutting-edge CAE technology free of the limitations of traditional licensing systems. This includes removing restrictions on number of users, number of cores, features and capabilities and more.

Harnessing the unique benefits of a SaaS consumption-based hybrid approach

While cloud-based simulation is the future of engineering, at OnScale we are very much aware that there is a chasm to be crossed. That is why we have developed a hybrid consumption-based model in which the key currency, called the “core-hour”, can be used both locally and on the cloud. No restriction is imposed. An unlimited number of users can use full local and cloud resources at the same time.

Software Licensing

All software features are available to everyone, all the time. If the user needs to calculate a small model quickly, they can use their local resources. Whenever more time- and resource-costly models are required, then accessing the cloud is a seamless transaction: no server set-up, no license issues, no 3rd party cloud vendor – simply hit the Run on Cloud button and the limitless resources of Cloud HPC are available. Run 1000s of models in parallel, painlessly, or even run super-large models across 1000s of cores using OnScale’s powerful compute engine.

With OnScale’s hybrid platform, engineers can now work in sync with simulation, instead of the old-fashioned, slow process of design, iterative simulation, assess and repeat.

What is the revolutionary technology behind OnScale’s new SaaS hybrid consumption-based approach?

OnScale has created a cloud platform that builds on Docker and Kubernetes to provide engineers with truly remarkable flexibility for engineering simulation.

Every time an engineer wants to run a simulation, OnScale’s proprietary AI estimates the memory, resource and compute time required to execute. From there, the platform creates a system on-demand with the correct amount of RAM and cores for that specific job. Once the job is complete, the system is shut down and the encrypted data is stored. It is then accessible either for download or for post-processing on the cloud.

What are the true benefits of OnScale?

The backbone of this intelligent system is the SaaS consumption-based hybrid model that allows OnScale to remove the four main legacy restrictions in the most effective way possible:

  • Capacity: Users have access to supercomputers on the cloud and unlimited licenses. Run a single simulation on 10,000 cores or 10,000 simulations in parallel.
  • Features: All features are accessible by all users, all of the time. No modules, no add-ons required.
  • Accessibility: No restrictions on concurrent users, location or installations. Run OnScale from anywhere, anytime for anyone.
  • Continuity: Remove job queuing, priorities and the pains of having jobs “re-prioritized” during execution. With multiple cloud providers, OnScale ensures users can get their results as fast as possible with minimal pain.

Designed for the ever-changing simulation demands of modern engineering, OnScale provides extreme flexibility to users. Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

As a cloud platform, OnScale’s approach is uniquely adaptable for the advent of digital twins, AI and embedded IoT. With no inherent “licenses”, simulation technology is free to step up and meet the rapidly increasing demands of a connected, integrated world.

Gerry Harvey
Gerry Harvey

Gerry is our VP of Engineering. He has over 15 years experience in FEA, R&D and bringing emerging technology to market. He has worked closely with Fortune 100 companies, helping accelerate the development of their next-gen products through advanced simulation. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde.