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Webinar: Simulation of Ultrasonic Borehole Imaging & Flow Measurement

By Jeff Dobson 14 November 2018

Tune in to learn how OnScale is working with leading oil & gas companies to optimize their ultrasonic sensors and measurement systems. We’ll be covering a range of applications, from basic sensor design to downhole imaging and flow measurement.

OnScale enables full 3D simulation of complex measurement systems using its powerful FEM solvers, seamlessly integrated with Cloud HPC. We provide users on-demand access to supercomputer level computation, making even the largest simulation problems possible.

Understanding the complex, highly coupled behavior of electromechanical sensors and their performance within a system is critical. OnScale allows users to visualize device behavior, quickly assess design changes and ultimately optimize performance.

In this webinar, OnScale will present some typical case studies. We’ll begin by discussing piezoelectric sensor design, before looking at detailed case studies for borehole imaging and ultrasonic flow measurement.


Duration: 60 Mins

Attendance is free. To access the event please register.

Jeff Dobson
Jeff Dobson

Jeff Dobson is a senior application engineer at OnScale and has recently completed an Engineering Doctorate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, focused on NDT simulation. Jeff is an experienced FEA engineer with an expertise in advanced NDT simulations, such as modeling ultrasonic inspections of composite components. Jeff has over 7 years experience with OnScale and supports activity across current and future applications, whilst also managing consultancy projects and providing technical support.