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Webinar: Time-domain Simulation of Electro-mechanical Sensors and Systems

By Team OnScale 16 August 2018

If you are interested in modelling a variety of electromechanical sensors, then tune into this webinar to learn how OnScale helps Fortune100 companies optimize their most demanding designs using powerful FEM seamlessly integrated with Cloud HPC directly with on-demand, scalable Cloud HPC.Understanding the complex, highly coupled behavior of electromechanical sensors (e.g. MUTs, piezoelectric transducer arrays, BAWs and SAWs) and their performance in a system as a whole is critical in the development of innovative technologies (e.g. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors, Medical Imaging, and RF Filters).

Due to the anisotropic materials, complex modal coupling, and multiphysics involved in a single design (piezoelectric, electrostatic, structural, thermal and acoustic), powerful numerical simulation is essential for predicting and understanding effects of design changes, environmental influences, and manufacturing tolerances. By facilitating rapid design iteration and assessment, cloud based simulation tools can explore large design spaces that would be impossible to do via physical prototypes.

In this webinar, OnScale will explore and analyze some of the common pain-problems in the senor space, and present pragmatic examples to show how rapid FEM & Cloud HPC can dramatically accelerate product design cycles, reducing time, cost and risk.


Duration: 60 Mins

Attendance is free. To access the event please register.

Team OnScale
Team OnScale

OnScale was founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to delivering world-class CAE on next-gen Cloud HPC.

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