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What’s New in Software Update 1.26

By Team OnScale 17 December 2018


Since it is the giving season, our team at OnScale give you the gift of v1.26!
We are happy to announce more features and helpful changes to our platform. This brings an array of new features, improvements and bug fixes. In this update you can:

  • Add Primitives to 2D Models
  • Use an expanded selection of boundary conditions
  • Use calculations and equations within the parameter table
  • Create Time Averages as outputs
  • Archive multiple jobs at once

Update Highlights

Adding Primitives to 2D Models

With v1.26 launched, you can now use 2D primitives in the designer workspace, 2D models can be used as a quick assessment gaining insight into a device’s performance before moving to a fully 3D simulation, you can find out more about how to how to build 2D models with primitives in the tutorial below.

More about 2D Primitives


Calculations and equations in the parameter table

Now users are able to add scientific formulas and calculations to the parameter table. These calculations can even use the parameters already in the table.

Updated and New Boundary Conditions

There is now a wider selection of boundary conditions in designer, so now you can apply different boundary conditions to different regions of a model.


Team OnScale
Team OnScale

OnScale was founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to delivering world-class CAE on next-gen Cloud HPC.