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What’s New in Software Update 1.27

By Team OnScale 19 February 2019


The newest version of OnScale 1.27 has been released! Some features and enhancements include:

  • Parameterization of advanced geometric shapes
  • Improved user experience in Designer mode
  • Post-processing enhancements

Parameterization of advanced geometric shapes

  • Our newest release allows users working in Designer mode to run parametric sweeps in order to understand how variations in particular geometry might affect their results. Although parameterization of simple shapes (cuboid, sphere, cylinder) was available in previous releases, the current OnScale release allows the parameterization of the more advanced polyhedron, tetrahedron, and hexahedron shapes

Improved user experience in Designer mode

  • The latest release has a smoother user workflow and improved error message reporting. Static Analysis capability has also been improved in the Designer mode

Post-processing enhancements 

  • Additional enhancements to Designer mode and Post Processing capabilities provide smoother workflow through the entire process of creating a model, running simulations on the cloud, and post-processing the results
  • It is now easier to display iso-contours and apply cutting planes to axisymmetric model while post-processing the results
Team OnScale
Team OnScale

OnScale was founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to delivering world-class CAE on next-gen Cloud HPC.