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Designing the Future: The Writing’s On The Wall for Cloud Simulation

By Marshall Williams 12 November 2020

This month, our Founder and CEO, Ian Campbell appeared on an episode of Designing the Future to explain why he sees the cloud as inevitable.

On this episode of Designing the Future, Ian explains his vision for cloud simulation and why he believes legacy simulation providers will need to catch up or fall behind. He discusses the role of AI in cloud simulation, his company’s view of digital twins, why the cloud is key for democratization, design for 5G, how OnScale was influenced by cloud-CAD platform Onshape, and more.

He also discusses the release of OnScale Solve, the world’s first Cloud Engineering Simulation Platform – “To eliminate garbage in, garbage out (GIGO), we are helping engineers set up the right model using #AI and we’re also telling them exactly how long the simulation will run and how much it is going to cost them, so that they can make better simulation decisions.”

Watch the full interview here! 

Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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