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Everything on a robot needs to be simulated. Asensus Surgical simulates with OnScale Solve.

By Marshall Williams 18 January 2022


When it comes to laparoscopy in the operating room, there’s no room for inefficiencies, variability, and workforce challenges. Laparoscopy refers to the surgical procedure of accessing the abdomen and pelvis with minimally invasive incisions in the skin. These methods lead to a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery time, and less pain, bleeding, and scarring, and Asensus makes this process more efficient. They have pioneered a platform and interface for digital laparoscopy: the Senhance Surgical System.Asensus’s technology not only compliments surgeons’ complicated tasks, but makes for a healthier work environment as well. 87% of laparoscopic surgeons suffer from performance-related symptoms that lead to shortened careers. Asensus fills a gap in the heathcare industry unmet until recently: healthcare for the practitioners and patients alike, allowing both parties to have the best operation room experience.


With the level of quality required for robotics that can assist the delicate hands of surgeons comes immense mechanical complexity. Every part of the machine needs to be simulated, validated, and pass through tough safety standards, while continuously optimizing the part for strength, weight, and cost.

Matt Marchese, Mechanical Engineer, Asensus Surgical, Inc.


“I’m very excited about OnScale and cloud based supercomputing. Onshape and OnScale are truly redefining collaboration and ease of design.” 




The focus on fast iteration at a low cost in particular drove Asensus to choose OnScale Solve since Asensus and OnScale both have technologies that dramatically democratize how the medical and manufacturing industries reach peak performance. As population growth and surgeon aging both increase the deficit of surgeons, projected to be over 33000 worldwide by 2030, the Senhance Surgery System is a key technology in giving people the care they need when they need it. 


By using OnScale Solve’s latest features like remote-loads, OnShape CAD Sync, and the new Launcher capability which enables faster parametric simulations, Asensus’s team has found a new favorite simulation solution.

Ian Campbell CEO of OnScale

Ian Campbell, CEO, OnScale

“Asensus Surgical is revolutionizing robotic surgery that will save countless lives. We’re proud and excited that they have chosen OnScale’s Cloud Engineering Simulation Platform to push the boundaries of R&D and build Digital Prototypes of next-generation surgical robots.”



They no longer need to re-import their CAD files and redefine all analysis settings during the iterative design process of modifying geometry and analyzing simulation results. Instead, once all parameters are setup in OnScale Solve to run a simulation for their mechanical analysis, changes made to the geometry in Onshape based on simulation results update in OnScale Solve with the single click.


To flesh out their full range of surgical robotics manufacturing systems, Asensus chose OnScale Solve for all of their simulation needs of the various mechanical parts, and Onshape primarily for their stellar mechanical design workflow. Specifically, Asensus leveraged the native integration between OnScale Solve and Onshape which enabled a seamless iterative design process, saving them valuable time and resources while accelerating their time to market.

Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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