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  1. Select or the OnScale logo to return to your dashboard at any time.
  2. Select a Modeler tab to activate it. You can have multiple models open at once, each in its own tab.
  3. Select to access help and feedback.
  4. Select to see notifications.
  5. Select to see profile options.
  6. Overview of available core-hours and consumed core-hours.
  7. Graph of core-hour usage for the last and current month.


You manage your projects, simulations, and team from your dashboard.


The Overview page lists your recent projects and simulation studies. Select one to open it.


The Projects page lists projects of which you are an owner. For information about projects, see Projects.

To see projects that you do not own but which you can view or edit, go to the Team page.


The Simulations page lists simulation studies that you have run. For information about simulation studies and simulations, see Simulations.

To see simulation studies run by other team members, go to the Team page.


The Team page shows information about your team, including team members, team projects, team simulation studies, and team core-hours. For information about teams, see Team.

Teams are only available to Team and Enterprise customers. Enterprise customers (only) can set up multiple teams for their organization.