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Navigation bar

At the top of the Modeler is the navigation bar. This lets you navigate between tabs and also access the version menu.

The Library,Comments and Menu buttons are not yet active. They will be added in a future release.


Tab Description
Modeler Used to import a CAD file and apply materials.
Physics Used to create physics constraints.
Simulator Used to execute simulation studies.
Used to view simulation results.

You must first select the simulation study for which you wish to view results on the Simulator tab.

Version menu

Select beside the version name to show the version menu.

Option Description
Edit Version Rename the version or edit the description.
Create Version Create a new version. See versions & history.
Download a Python file (.py) containing the underlying Python code for your model. This code is automatically generated as you perform actions in the Modeler.
You can view the code without downloading it by selecting in the view bar.
Project Page Navigate to the project details page.