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The Portal is where all account based settings and actions will be found. This differs from the Solve Dashboard where you manage your Projects and Simulations.

The Portal is where you would check for billing, account plans or security settings.

There are several sections to the Portal (on the left hand side) which we will explore in a bit more detail.


This is top level general view of the Portal with information about the Core hours in your account and other useful links such as the Documentation.

Note that you can return the Solve Dashboard using the OnScale Solve link in the top right of the Portal UI.

Profile Information

Users can enter in typical information regarding their personal details.

Settings & Configuration

Users will be able to access general account and platform settings such as preferred working unit, language, time format and currency.

There are additional tabs that offer further configurations:

  • Security – Password changes, enabling multi-factor authentication and account deletion
  • Notifications – Manage when the platform notifies you of certain events on the platform
  • Apps – Integrations with other applications
    • Connection with your Onshape account is managed here


All account billing information is shown in this section. Users can alter their payment details as well as viewing any transactions made on the account.

Note that only Admins of the account have access to Billing information.

Account Management

A variety of settings are managed in this section such as setting up your team.

The Account Management section consists of the following subsections:

  • Account Settings
    • Set up your company details
    • Control Cloud configuration and Core Hour Overage
    • Share log files and projects with OnScale
    • Share projects between Teams
  • Core Hours
    • Core Hour usage on Account
  • People
    • Invite users to your team
    • Allocate Maximum Core Hours per study
  • Teams
    • Management of multiple teams (coming soon…)
  • Your Plan
    • Shows current active plan
    • Ability to upgrade plans

Note that only Admins of the account have access to Account Management settings.

Simulation Studies

Show users a list of simulations that have run on the account.


Allows the Admin to generate reports of all usage Core Hour usage across all teams. (coming soon…)

Refer A Friend

Referring new users and receive Core Hour bonuses to your account. (coming soon…)


Links to the Help Documentation.


Links to our website.