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A project represents an FEA model. A project can contain multiple designs of a model, and each design can consist of multiple versions.

For a description of these terms, see What are designs and versions?

When you visit the Projects page of the dashboard, you’ll see projects that you have recently accessed plus a list of projects of which you are an owner.

projects does not include any projects that you can view or edit but do not own. To see these, go to the Team page.

For information about the different permission levels for project collaborators, see Project collaborators.

Create a project

  1. Select New Project.
  2. Enter a name for the project.
  3. Optionally enter a project description.
  4. Select CREATE.

You’ll be taken to the Modeler.

Open a project

To open a project, select it in projects or recent projects. You’ll be taken to the project details page.

Toggle list and tile view

Both recent projects and projects can be viewed as tiles or lists. Select / to toggle between these views.

Filter projects

You can filter my projects by entering one or more search terms and/or by selecting to show only projects that match certain criteria. For example, you could select to show only projects that have been modified in the last hour or projects that you have favorited.

Filters that have been set are shown above the projects list as so:

Project filters

Enter a search term

  1. Select .
  2. Enter part of a project’s name.

Projects are filtered instantly.

Apply an additional filter

  1. Select to save your search term filter.
  2. Select to add another search term filter or select to filter by criteria.

Clear a search term filter

To clear a search term filter that hasn’t been saved, select .

To clear a saved filter, select in the gray box for that filter.

To clear all filters, select Clear Filters.

Filter by criteria

To filter by criteria, select and then select one or more of the available checkboxes:

Apply an additional search term filter

To apply an additional search term filter after filtering by criteria, select and then .

Clear a criteria filter

To clear an individual filter, select in the gray box for that filter.

To clear all filters, select Clear Filters.

Favorite a project

You can favorite projects to make them easy to find later. This moves them to the top of projects.

To favorite a project, just select . To unfavorite a project, select .

Archive a project

You can archive projects that you’re not working on anymore. This hides them from projects and also disables the ability to edit them. You can, however, still access archived projects, and you can choose to unarchive them at any time.

Archiving does not affect your team: when you archive a project, any other owners of that project will still see the project in their projects and will also still be able to edit the project. Archiving is simply a way for you to “tidy up” your own projects.

To archive a project from the tile view, select and then Archive Project. On desktops and laptops, you can also archive a project from the list view: hover over a project to show .

You can also use the same method to delete projects. This will remove the project from your own projects and from your team.

Unarchive a project

  1. Select and then select the Archived or All checkboxes. Archived projects are now shown, grayed out.
  2. Select and then Unarchive Projects.