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Help > Projects > Share Project with OnScale Support

Share Project with OnScale Support

By sharing a project with OnScale Support Team, support engineers can help you troubleshoot your simulation set up by granting them viewing access to your project. Note that your simulation results will be kept entirely confidential to you.

Below are the steps you need to follow to share your project with an OnScale Support Engineer:

1.Click the Profile Options Icon and select Settings and Configurations. This will open a new tab.

2.Click the Account Management tab and toggle on the “Allow projects to be shared with OnScale Support” option.

3.Refresh your page to confirm that your changes were saved.

4.Head back to your project and refresh your page. This is a crucial step.

5.Hit the Share button and enter the email corresponding to the Support Engineer you connected with:

  • ahmad.ashwah@onscale.com

Clear any extra spaces in the search field. Ensure all letters are small caps. Once the Support Engineer’s name appears, click Invite and then hit Cancel.