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Help > Simulations > Simulation details

Simulation details

When you select a simulation study to view, you’ll see that simulation study’s details. A simulation study details page looks like this:

  1. Basic details
  2. Overview of simulations
  3. Simulations

Basic details

This section shows basic simulation study details including the author, project name, design and version, and whether the simulation study has completed.

For information about designs and versions, see What are designs and versions?

Open the results

To open the results, select Results button.

Open the Modeler

To open the design version in the Modeler, select Modeler.

Open the project

To open the project details page, select Project.

Overview of simulations

This section shows information about the number of simulations in the simulation study and the status of each simulation. The ID is useful, if a simulation ever fails you can send us this ID and we can look at the logs to identify problems with this simulation.

Cancel a simulation study

To cancel a simulation study that is running, select .


This section lists all the simulations that make up the simulation study.