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How to Add Materials in OnScale Solve™

By Kevin Chan 17 February 2021

Material types are largely dictated by the type of physics available in the solver. Currently OnScale can solve linear static mechanical, thermal and thermal-mechanical simulations.

To support these types of physics, we must be able to describe the mechanical and thermal behavior of a linear elastic material.

The material properties supported in Solve are:


  • Density (kg/m3)
    Mass of a unit volume of a material
  • Young’s Modulus (Pa)
    Stiffness of a material
  • Poisson’s Ratio
    –  Ratio of transverse strain to axial strain

Thermal Properties

  • Specific Heat Capacity (J/(kg.K))
    Amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of material by 1 KelvinThermal Conductivity (W/(m.K))

  • Thermal Conductivity (W/(m.K))
    – Material’s ability to transfer or conduct heat
  • Thermal Expansion (1/K)
    Volume change of a material due to a change in temperature

*Basic internal flow CFD is in alpha testing and will be coming soon. Additional material properties such as dynamic viscosity will be available for CFD simulations.

How to apply Materials to the model

To apply a material to a CAD geometry in the UI, you can double click on the part or click on the part in the simulation tree:

Cloud Engineering SimulationFor multi-part CAD, you can hold down the SHFT key and click on the list of parts to apply materials to:

Cloud Engineering Simulation

Editing Material Properties

To edit a material, click on the material in the Simulation tree to reveal the material properties on the right. Click on the edit icon to access edit mode:

OnScale Solve

In edit mode, the name and the available properties can now be modified as required to suit any linear elastic material that you require.

Note that material properties can also be parameterized using the function icon (fx) to allow you run sweeps with different material properties.

For any invalid material properties, the UI will prompt you with a warning in red text:

Mechanical Properties

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Kevin Chan
Kevin Chan

Kevin is a Senior Application Engineer at OnScale. He tests and helps with the development of OnScale. His background and experience with the solvers has allowed him to work on a wide range of projects with a big focus on MEMS & RF. Kevin holds a MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

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