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Introducing Onshape CAD Sync: Design Updates in one Click

By Marshall Williams 07 December 2021

To provide the best iterative design workflow in the industry, we first had to seamlessly incorporate CAD design and simulation. And, we’ve improved on it yet again!

OnScale Solve’s new CAD Sync functionality dramatically decreases the amount of time between design iterations, ultimately streamlining the design and analysis workflow even further! With CAD Sync, when you import your CAD geometry from Onshape once, you won’t have to import again! Your design changes in Onshape automatically update the geometry in OnScale Solve while keeping all of the simulation features like materials and loads that have already been applied to the geometry in place.

You no longer need to re-import your Onshape file and redefine all your analysis settings during the iterative design process of modifying geometry and analyzing simulation results. Once you set up all your parameters in OnScale Solve to run a simulation for mechanical, thermal, structural-thermal, or fluid flow analysis, you can make a change to the geometry in Onshape based on your simulation results and click CAD Sync to update the geometry in OnScale Solve.

Then, test again and again until your product is ready to launch!

In short, you can run simulations and make design changes a hundred times, with only one CAD import.


Onshape CAD Sync: One click away

CAD Sync is a one click operation that keeps your connected Onshape CAD geometry in sync with any existing simulation settings in OnScale Solve such as materials, suppressed parts, restraints, forces, temperature settings, inets, outlets, and more. In a typical Design and Analysis workflow, you may need to iterate dozens of times to get to a final optimized product. Solve’s new CAD Sync functionality can save hours and ultimately allow you to get your products to market faster.

Make the Cloud Your “Design One Stop Shop

Wondering how to combine CAD Sync with other Solve functionalities? Check out these ideas to start combining our functionalities together for the best multidisciplinary engeering collaboration and workflow! 

Is a HVAC system not cooling optimally? Perform a CFD study with actionable results in just minutes! Then, make the necessary adjustments, and iterate again until you are ready to send your product to market! 

Found a mode that generates dangerous reverberations? Take your Modal Analysis results, iterate in Onshape, and get right back to testing in minutes! 

Totally confused, but ready to take the first step towards learning how to simulate and make greater strides with your design team than you ever thought possible? Check out our learning materials and simulation courses!


Between funding and big dreams, and professional clients and partners, we’re fleshing out OnScale Solve to fulfill all simulation driven design needs! Want to have a voice in the design process? Reach out to us! 


Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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