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Meshing – Why You Never Have To Worry About It Again

By Marshall Williams 02 August 2021

If you talk to someone who has done CAE simulation before, you’ll know that between repairing CAD and simplifying models, all for that “Good-Mesh,” the meshing process can become a black hole of time if your simulation tools work against you. 

OnScale has one of the fastest and most forgiving meshers around, but what is meshing, and why should designers care???


Meshing’s Role In Simulation:

On paper, meshing’s job seems very simple: cut up your CAD model into a very large amount of smaller pieces to make simulations possible. But, in reality, getting the right mesh for your simulation is both an art and a science. And, since simulations have become an integral part of the early product design, a tool’s ability to produce a good mesh directly impacts the product designers’ workflow! 


Okay okay, but why should they care?!

Here’s why: If a designer gains a basic familiarity with meshing, they can unleash the full potential of their simulation tools. In OnScale Solve, they could complete a simulation, view and interpret the results, then iterate to the next version or create a whole new prototype, all in the time it takes for the designer in the next cubicle (who is fighting to get his mesh to work) to set up a simulation. 


Why Solve Handles Meshing For You: 

Behind the curtain of simulation, very complicated things are happening computationally. When these things sneak out into the user experience, it is chaos. These things not only infuriate the users for being forced to interact with them, but they also simply waste time!  

Not to mention, once a simulation is finally prepared, then simulation softwares eat up your compute power to generate the mesh, estimate, and run the simulation. 

Your design team is on hold, your computer is frozen, and most importantly, your creativity is stifled. 

Deformed Mesh


Professional Creatives Need Professional Tools Conducive To Creativity!

This almost goes without saying, Engineers are creatives. They need tools that reflect their design intuition instead of stand in the way of innovation. 

And this is where OnScale Solve’s approach to design is key: we abstract away the complexities of simulation, so you can do more simulations that create actionable results more efficiently.


If you make an account right now, you can experience what we do differently for yourself, in minutes. 

If you keep reading, you will find out how OnScale Solve’s mesher is being used by designers today to solve their biggest design problems in Solve. 

Deformed Mesh 2

All Of Our Design Decisions Unleash Innovation For Our Users.


For Educators: 

Presuming we can teach teachers is quite a bold statement, but that’s how tangible the advancements are of students introduced to simulation in the classroom! We had to share. Our mesher efficiency means that you can glide through demonstrations faster than ever, in a reliable and fast, web-based platform.

Meshing is not just a step on the road to simulation results. It reveals the physicality and complexity of the problems we face as engineers. It highlights how modern technology gives today’s students, tomorrow’s professionals, an appreciation of the compute power that powers their everyday life, whether designing rockets in OnScale Solve or writing an essay on Google Docs on “The Odyssey” in next period.

Done are the days of your chromebooks’ fans sounding like a jet engine when trying to mesh a CAD file with N elements. Offload your compute to Solve’s cloud, and not only load your CAD, but then simulate. 


For CFD Engineers: 

In a traditional CFD workflow, meshing is the most time-consuming part for the engineer. After creating the initial mesh, users still have to go through a checklist to guarantee that the mesh is high quality. In OnScale Solve, this is all automated. Our users only need to enter a single input that will control the size of the mesh! That’s it! 

We have a CFD webinar On-demand just for you! 


For Structural and Design Engineers: 

For thermal and mechanical analysis, the user does not interact with the mesh at all because the meshing algorithm will not allow the creation of a ‘bad mesh’.  Users will only be one click away from making the mesh coarser or finer to fit their needs. 

Check out our website for resources on applications!


For Executive Management:

Correctly allocating time, money, and the harder to grasp, compute power, while improving team collaboration, productivity, and morale, all ties back to employees’ daily work and mission aligning. Engineers love to solve real problems. Banging their heads against keyboards trying to mesh and complete a single simulation is bad all around. 

Let’s chat about how your team can avoid that, and improve your design process, with OnScale Solve. 


Make it “Easy Simulation Day-One”,  Not “Easy Simulation One-Day”

Meshing comes down to specificity and precision in your simulations, and OnScale Solve’s model directly opens this door to users with ease.  

We firmly believe that, at the end of the day, designers represent a very powerful crossroads of engineering intuition and technical knowledge. Simulation should not require multiple coding languages to understand, and it should provide actionable data for designers directly, without consulting with analysts at every turn. 

We don’t charge exorbitant fees for compute power you don’t use, that’s why we have our Pay-As-You-Simulate approach, and that’s only after you’ve used up your free Core Hours! Trust me, they stretch very far. 

Simulate for Free with OnScale Solve™

Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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