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OnScale and Onshape Significantly Reduce Risk, Cost, and Time-to-Market for Next Gen Product Design

By Ian Campbell 26 August 2021

For engineers designing next generation products and technology, the ability to quickly build digital prototypes or digital twins using CAD and simulation massively reduces risk, cost, and time-to-market. Today, we are thrilled to offer a deeper integration with Onshape to bring seamless CAD and simulation workflows on the Cloud to our collective customers. To celebrate this achievement, we’re offering every Onshape Pro user 500 Core Hours of OnScale Solve to try out the new integration.

Built from the ground up, Onshape is the industry’s first pure Cloud SaaS platform that combines robust CAD with powerful data management and collaboration tools. When paired with OnScale, the world’s first Cloud Simulation platform, designers and engineers can now go from an Onshape CAD model to OnScale simulation study results in seconds – a task that used to take hours, days, or even weeks with legacy desktop tools.

This process of “digital prototyping” using Cloud CAD and Simulation allows engineers to rapidly converge on viable designs while reducing the risk, cost, and time associated with the outdated physical prototyping R&D processes. 

I know how reliance on physical prototyping and desktop simulation can quickly eat up capital at a startup company. I experienced this first-hand at NextInput, my first startup which designed revolutionary sensors for touch applications now used in millions of devices. 

This powerful new integration was made possible, in-part, by OnScale’s recent $5M round of venture capital funding, led by Parkway Venture Capital. We are also honored to have Parkway co-founder and managing partner Jesse Coors-Blankenship join our board.  As an industry veteran, Jesse’s deep tech expertise, entrepreneurial success and expansive network of key strategic partners will be privitol to helping us drive future success. Through close collaboration with Jesse, we are focused on growing our sales and customer success teams for even greater market penetration. 

Jesse’s technical expertise in Generative Design, Simulation, AI and SaaS technologies, combined with his first-hand product design, development, and business management experience, give us a unique perspective to leverage. I am confident that by having him as a mentor, coach and advisor OnScale will only continue to grow. 

We are also looking forward to optimizing the existing PTC synergies between Jesse and Onshape/PTC. Jesse has worked closely with them through 2020 as the former SVP of Technology at PTC leading the SaaS simulation and generatie design efforts at PTC. Our network has been pivotal in our success and we love the opportunity to leverage these great working relationships..

We built OnScale to give engineers all around the world access to game-changing simulation capability powered by cloud supercomputers and AI. I can’t wait to see the technology they develop with this amazing new digital prototyping capability. This partnership with Onshape/PTC and Parkway will empower engineering analysis at a much faster pace and allow innovation to push forward with unprecedented strides. 

Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is our CEO at OnScale. He is an engineer and entrepreneur. Prior to founding OnScale, Ian founded NextInput, an award-winning Silicon Valley tech company that brought a new IoT sensor tech from concept to high-volume design wins in four years.

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