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OnScale Cloud
Powered by AWS HPC

OnScale has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer customers a greater choice of global compute options to better meet their HPC, privacy, and security needs. AWS carries extensive certifications for securing and protecting data. The AWS Cloud spans 61 Availability Zones within 20 geographic regions around the world to meet customer needs for availability and performance.

By using AWS and providing users a flexible SaaS subscription model, OnScale offers engineers across disciplines nearly infinite HPC compute resources to run complex simulations, for a fraction of the time it’d take and cost to run locally.

Start Simulating with OnScale on AWS


Create your Free private OnScale Solve account.


Pick your OnScale Solve simulation tutorial.


Import a CAD file, follow the step-by-step instructions, simulate on HPC in the cloud!

Simulation Practice on AWS

3-minute Demo


Watch a short introductory video to OnScale Solve, see how to run massive simulations on AWS.