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OnScale Toolbox for MATLAB®

By supporting the use of OnScale within the MATLAB® environment, this toolbox gives users the flexibility and customization needed to enhance their full simulation workflows.

MATLAB® is a programming platform used by engineers worldwide to design and analyze the newest technologies. It integrates numerical computation, visualization and programming into one easy-to-use tool. MATLAB® is a powerful tool for data analysis, problem solving and model creation and combined with OnScale’s multiphysics solvers allows you to easily useful and accurate simulation results.

Start Simulating with the OnScale Toolbox from within MATLAB®


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Toolbox Features

  • Full FEA solver
  • Full workflow
  • Customization and flexibility
  • Import existing OnScale scripts
  • 2D Sliced Models
  • Automatic mesh controls
  • Automatic batch post processing

Watch a Demo


View a demo showing the full workflow of a Tonpilz transducer simulation. The demo includes steps for locating help documentation, adding geometry, visualization, adding keypoints, adding electrodes, job submission, and postprocessing.



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Full Workflow

The toolbox supports the full simulation workflow, from start to finish. Users can create a model, submit it to the cloud, download the results and postprocess them in one script. This drastically speeds up the time it takes to complete the workflow and minimizes the need for user input.

Customization and Flexibility

The toolbox provides an environment where all aspects of the simulation process are performed in one place using scripting features. This empowers the user to extract the figures of merit or KPIs provided by their simulations.

Automatic Batch Post Processing

The limitless power of the cloud allows engineers to run 1000s of simulations to optimize designs and find solutions quickly. Along with this comes the need to be able to postprocess 1000s of results. The toolbox can automatically process all simulations in a job in one line of code without the need for nested loops.