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OnScale Introduces OnScale Solve™ : The World’s First Cloud Engineering Simulation Platform

By Marshall Williams 26 October 2020

Built by engineers for engineers, OnScale Solve is a cloud-native simulation platform that breaks the barriers of legacy desktop engineering simulation tools.

Silicon Valley, CA (October 26th, 2020) – OnScale today announced the release of the OnScale Solve, the web-based cloud engineering simulation platform bringing to engineers powerful multiphysics solvers and scalable cloud supercomputer resources.

“OnScale Solve gives engineers, designers, and analysts access to the powerful cloud-native engineering simulation tools and cloud supercomputer resources they need to innovate, solve complex problems, and efficiently work from any location and device,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of OnScale. “OnScale Solve is the culmination of our focus on delivering the best streamlined simulation workflows, powerful multiphysics solvers, and an extensible simulation API, all accessible from a web browser on a pay-as-you-simulate SaaS subscription model.”

OnScale Solve is a SaaS engineering simulation platform that combines powerful multiphysics solvers with massively scalable cloud supercomputers from AWS and Google Cloud. OnScale Solve does not require any installation and can be accessed via a secure web-based connection to any web browser. OnScale Solve features fast multiphysics solvers, automation of time-consuming tasks such as CAD repair and meshing, scalable cloud supercomputer infrastructure, intuitive UI/UX and integrated workflows, insightful results, and integration with Jupyter notebooks and Cloud AI tools. OnScale Solve overcomes the limitations imposed by legacy FEA desktop simulation tools, enabling engineers to run large simulations and parametric sweeps while enjoying a flexible and fair pay-as-you-simulate subscription model.

Built by Engineers for the Engineers of the Future

OnScale Solve offers a Free Private account loaded with 500 core-hours per year of simulation power. STEM educators and students can benefit from the free online simulation capabilities available in OnScale Solve, while professional users can enjoy running complex simulations and explore massive design spaces to get a glimpse of how cloud engineering simulation can enable the accurate design of modern products. With this release users can perform mechanical, thermal, coupled thermal-mechanical, analysis. The OnScale Solve roadmap includes the development of dynamic mechanical, nonlinear mechanics, thermal-fluid, FSI, and acoustic analysis.


World-Class Cloud CAD Integration

To accelerate and modernize R&D cycles, OnScale Solve integrates directly with Onshape®, the world’s first cloud product development platform that unites CAD, product lifecycle management, and collaboration tools. Onshape parametric CAD models can be directly imported into OnScale Solve through the OnScale Connector App, which means that Onshape CAD models are directly made available in OnScale and ready for simulation in the cloud.

Getting Started with OnScale Solve

Engineers, designers, analysts, and current OnScale users can learn more about OnScale Solve and run their first cloud engineering simulation study by accessing these resources:

OnScale Solve expands OnScale’s product line, which includes OnScale Enterprise, a leading hybrid private/public cloud simulation software used for advanced and computational demanding multiphysics simulations for market leading high-tech enterprises around the world.

About OnScale

OnScale is the first and only Cloud Engineering Simulation platform. OnScale combines powerful multiphysics solver technology with the limitless compute power of cloud supercomputers. With OnScale, engineers can run massive numbers of full 3D multiphysics simulations in parallel to create true Digital Prototypes – digital representations of physical high-tech devices that capture the complete behavior of a device over its operating envelope. By shifting expensive and time-consuming physical prototyping to digital prototyping, OnScale massively reduces cost, risk, and time-to-market for R&D firms pushing the boundaries of new technology. OnScale™ is the Future of Engineering™. Visit www.OnScale.com to try out the platform today.

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Media Contact

Valerio Marra, PhD, VP of Sales and Marketing, OnScale