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  • Free AccountNo commitment
  •  FREEForever
  • 10 Core-Hours / month
  • $10 / Core-Hours On-Demand
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  • ProfessionalGreat for individual specialists
  • $300 / month
  • 50 Core-Hours / month
  • $9 / Core-Hours On-Demand
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  • TeamMost popular choice for teams
  • $1000 / month
  • 200 Core-Hours / month
  • $7 / Core-Hours On-Demand
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Enterprise Pricing as well as Support and Training Pricing is available by contacting

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Our Plan Cheatsheet

For optimal use, please choose plan most suitable for your study

Free Professional Team Enterprise
First Order Physics Study Design Study Optimization Study Detailed Design Study
Small 1D/2D Models
2D Parametric Sweeps
2D/3D Parametric Sweeps
Very Large 3D Models/Sweeps
CH per Study < 10 ≈ 10 > 100 > 1000
CH per Month 10 50 200 1k-10k

Monthly subscription plans include a fixed number of core-hours per one-month period (“Monthly Core-Hours”). Monthly Core-Hours are automatically credited to a customer’s account at the start of the one-month period. Once all Monthly Core-Hours are consumed within a given one-month period, customers may choose to purchase additional core-hours at on-demand pricing (“On-Demand Core-Hours”).

What’s a Core-Hour?

A core-hour is a measurement of computational power.
If you run one CPU for one hour, that’s one core-hour. If you run 1,000 CPUs for 1 hour, it’s a 1,000 core-hours