Rapid growth in the 5G mobile communication market coupled with the desire for continual size reduction of key components in consumer electronics has created an increasing demand for small, low power, high performance RF filters. This demand is primarily being met by acoustic filter technologies, where piezoelectric resonators are the building blocks of RF front-ends.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) and Solidly Mounted Resonators (SMR) were key innovations in the RF filter space, and have helped drive today’s $9B filter market, which is forecast to grow to $13B by 2020.

OnScale is the only viable CAE tool for engineers to simulate thousands of filter designs to arrive at the optimal solutions.

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Optimizing RF Filters for 5G Applications

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Model Files

All models found in the presentation can be downloaded, ready to run using the following links:


SAW 3D (Unit Cell) & SAW 3D

TC-SAW 3D (Unit Cell)TC-SAW 3D


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