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Simulation Courses – OnScale Solve Tutorial Refresh

By Marshall Williams 22 October 2021

Looking for new tutorials on how to create simulations in OnScale Solve? Good! We’ve just refreshed many of our tutorials, and have many fleshed-out simulation courses coming soon!  

As 2021 comes to end, we’re collaborating with educators, engineering students, and talented simulation professionals and researchers to create OnScale University. It will be a platform for prospective engineers and professionals alike to learn how to simulate, and how to use results to drive their design processes faster than ever before. 

With these simulation courses, we are training the next generation of engineers who will be able to take full advantage of the web-based toolset at their fingertips. We’re training the engineers who will work from anywhere in the world, and produce better results than an engineer cramped in an office with $50000 of computer program licenses for programs they don’t know how to fully make use of.

While we get this program off the ground, we will keep all of our current content up for your use! This includes our brand new YouTube series by our team of Application Engineers.

Learn Simulation Here In The Meantime: 

Bring OnScale Solve To Your Campus!

If you are interested in helping us make this a reality on your campus, consider Applying To Our Student Officer Program!

Presuming we can teach teachers is quite a bold statement, but that’s how tangible the advancements are of students introduced to simulation in the classroom! We had to share. Our program’s efficiency means that you can glide through demonstrations faster than ever, in a reliable and fast, web-based platform. If you are interested in incorporating OnScale Solve and our coming simulation courses into your curriculum, please reach out to us directly! 


Marshall Williams
Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is a Digital Marketing Intern for OnScale. He's a student of AeroSpace Engineering and Economics at Georgia Tech, with experience in growth focused copywriting, specializing in marketing for startups and nonprofits.

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