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MEMS Simulation Guide

PMUT 3D Softmems mentor onscale simulation guide


PMUTs are often set up in an array formation for imaging purposes. The OnScale software allows the simulation of large 3D arrays enabling a full understanding of its performance. 0.1 min 0.003 Core-Hours FBAR 3d Softmems Mentor Onscale Simulation Guide


Simulating an FBAR in 3D allows designers to capture the filter's full performance. This model was created in SoftMEMS® from a GSDII mask layout and process steps. The multiphysics analysis of the model is run in OnScale. 1 hr 29 min 2.97 Core-Hours SAW 3D Softmems mentor onscale simulation guide


By simulating SAW filters starting from a 3D full model, engineers can derive all KPIs of interest and optimize based on customer’s requirements. A range of parasitic effects can be accounted for, which allows engineers to avoid carrying undesirable performance into production. 32 min 2.13 Core-Hours

Why Simulate MEMS Devices in OnScale?

Large Design Spaces
OnScale has the ability to run and evaluate 1000s of designs in parallel.
Solution to Large Problems
Run fundamental 3D FBARs, PMUTs, and SAWs designs with billion degrees of freedom to fully understand and optimize their performance.
multiphysics atom onscale icon
Fully Coupled Multi-Physics
OnScale has fully coupled structural-piezoelectric-acoustic solvers.
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