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PMUT Simulation Guide


Get started by simulating a basic 2D Axisymmetric PMUT Model. 1 min 0.03 Core-Hours

PMUT 2D Design Study

Run a design study to see the effects of electrode and substrate layer thickness on the maximum membrane displacement. 4 min 4.89 Core-Hours

PMUT Array 3D

Simulate a 10x10 3D PMUT array and capture the membrane displacement. 2 hrs 30 mins 20 Core-Hours (8 CPU)

Why Simulate PMUTs in OnScale?

Large Design Spaces
OnScale has the ability to run and evaluate 1000s of designs in parallel.
Solution to Large Problems
Run fundamental cell design to full array simulations with billion degrees of freedom to understand full system performance.
Fingerprint Imaging
Full fingerprint imaging and opitmization of imaging algorithms possible.
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