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Follow our Optical Waveguides Simulation Guide below

Optical Waveguide Simulation Guide

Straight Waveguide

Get started by simulating a basic straight waveguide. 1 min 0.03 Core-Hours

Curved Waveguide Monte Carlo

In this example we perform a Monte Carlo study on a curved waveguide to see how varying the core width, thickness and inner bend radius effects the transmission coefficient. 6 min 76.28 Core-Hours

Evanescent Waveguide Coupler

In this example we will simulate an evanescent waveguide coupler and run a sweep to see how varying the wavelength effects where the wave will propagate. 3 min 1.89 Core-Hours

Why Simulate Optical Waveguides in OnScale?

Large Design Spaces
OnScale has the ability to run and evaluate 1000s of designs in parallel.
Solution to Large Problems
Run fundamental 3D designs with billion degrees of freedom to understand full system performance.
Fully Coupled Multi-Physics
OnScale has fully coupled electromagnetic solvers.
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