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Piezocomposite Simulation Guide

composite unit cell model scheme

Piezocomposite Unit Cell

Get started by simulating a basic piezocomposite unit cell. 1 min 0.01 Core-Hours piezocomposite 3d model

Piezocomposite Array

Simulate a 1600 pillar piezocomposite array and capture the electrical impedance. 3 hrs 47.58 Core-Hours (16 CPU)

Piezocomposite Design Study

Run a design study to see the effects of volume fraction on electrical performance. 1 hr 12 mins 83 Core-Hours

Why Simulate Piezocomposites in OnScale?

Large Design Spaces
OnScale has the ability to run and evaluate 1000s of designs in parallel.
Electromechanical Solver
Our electromechanical solver is well-known for rapidly carrying out time-domain analysis on piezoelectric materials.
Broadband Analysis
By running a single time-domain model, full performance information across a wide spectrum can be generated.
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