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Welcome to Our New Portal

By Chloe Allison 28 April 2021

We have created a brand new portal for OnScale Solve! You can check it out here.

The portal is where you can manage all of your account details, settings and members of your OnScale environment. 

Here is a quick tour of the portal.


Upon first logging into the portal, we recommend walking through the 7 steps required to set up your profile. This fills out your Profile Information.

Profile completion

From the Home page, you also have a summarized view of your account core-hours usage, access the documentation, and upgrade option. 

Settings & Configuration

This section manages all of your account settings. From here you can change your password or set-up multi-factor authentication to keep your account secure. It also manages the default settings for your account so you can configure your experience. 

If you would like to be notified by email every time a simulation has completed and has results ready to view, you can do so in this section under Notifications. You can also choose to opt in or out of our newsletters, product updates and promotions.

If you have an Onshape account that you would like to link to your OnScale account, you can login to Onshape in the portal. This syncs all of your CAD to OnScale automatically, without the need for multiple logins.

Onshape CAD


You can upgrade your OnScale Plan directly from the portal. For paid accounts such as Team accounts, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you wish to just pay-as-you-simulate without upgrading your Plan, you can turn on Overage for your account. This means that you will only be charged at a set price for the core-hours that are over the limit of your plan. 

OnScale Solve Portal

If you are unsure of which plan to choose, please feel free to get in touch with sales@onscale.com and we can help you choose the right plan for your simulation needs.

Simulation Studies

This section contains a summary of the simulation studies ran on your account. 

OnScale Solve Portal

You can see the core-hour cost of all the jobs and access specific projects and results.


As always if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via our Forum.

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Chloe Allison
Chloe Allison

Chloe Allison is an Application Engineer at OnScale. She received her MA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. As part of our engineering team Chloe assists with developing applications, improving our existing software and providing technical support to our customers.

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