Accelerating Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor R&D with Cloud Simulation

In this whitepaper, we describe the virtual prototyping and beamforming optimization of a 110 x 56 PMUT array fingerprint sensor first designed and prototyped by Horsley et al at the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center.

onscale ultrasonic fingerprint sensor whitepaper ebook

We demonstrate the powerful capabilities of OnScale’s time-domain multiphysics simulation in the cloud by circumventing the legacy empirical approach to physical sensor design that imposes an immense cost, risk, and delayed time to market on device OEMs. The sensor was modeled in full-3D and included the PDMS die coating and a virtual finger, resulting in a 130 million degrees of freedom model that was solved in 29 minutes per image on 106 parallel cloud nodes using a total of 4,240 processor cores.

All of the simulation capabilities described herein are available in OnScale’s standard simulation product.

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